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What we do

We help prepare our investors for a changing world, protecting and enhancing their investments by supporting and managing the process every step of the way.

To make investing in property from overseas successful and hassle-free, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge and work with the industries’ best. That’s why education is at the heart of The Property I.C. Our free education and resources will help you learn everything you need to know for your investment journey. And our services help investors who are looking for more support in creating, maintaining and maximising profit from their portfolio.

Why our investors choose us

Below Market Value Investments

By negotiating directly with developers and reserving multiple properties, we are able to obtain the best value for our clients. Through long-term partnerships and distribution scale, our selection process has helped us achieve an average of 10-15% below market value.

Unique Access

We’ve been helping expatriate and foreign investors gain access to exclusive opportunities for years. Our carefully selected developments offer excellent investment potential and appeal to those that want contemporary and luxury accommodation in key locations.

Rigourous Due Diligence

We have sourced and managed hundreds of overseas transactions, providing a handheld service every step of the way. Our A-Z approach covers everything from researching the best opportunities through to the handover of your property.

What investors are saying

Working with Rory and his team has alleviated a lot of headaches that one typically encounters with buying property abroad. As a “one-stop shop” service, it’s been a breeze to have them as my single point of contact for all transactions and communications with third parties during this process.

Jonathan B, China International Capital Corporation (CICC)Beijing, China and London UK

Once I sat down for our first meeting, I was immediately amazed by how personal the service was. We began by discussing a range of options for investing. It was good to answer questions about the kind of hopes I had for my money and also the length of investment I was aiming for, plus how much risk I was willing to take. We soon established which type of property was the best match for my investment objective.

Frances, Head of Junior School, Jeju, Korea

I have worked with Rory and The property I.C. over the last 4-years. I have found their advice to be top-notch and their service second to none. My properties have been well managed and any issues with tenants have been sorted out promptly and handled professionally.

Mark M, BS AMG

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